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Emily Ratajkowski played peek-a-boob on the Golden Globe red carpet

01.09.2017by: Cherry Liquor
If there's one thing we can count on with these fancy red carpet events, it's that the canned humour that gets packed into them and the cans that pop out while the women are rearranging their dresses for the best photo op poses. Emily Ratajkowski is no stranger to letting it all hang out (keep in mind, I could have linked about a dozen of her previous posts and the point would have still been valid), but the lovely brunette tends to keep things strapped down just a wee bit more for the bigger shindigs, such as the 2017 Golden Globes. I was fairly certain EmRat would be one of the babes to look out for and while overall the dress is relatively tame in comparison to her red carpet appearances, she still managed to give us a bit of a peepshow. I only wish that she didn't look so entirely bored with the venture, although I can't blame her as I imagine this shit gets real tedious, real fast. She's a professional when it comes to the modeling face, it's just a bit void, lacking any of the sparkle she had during her more candid moments. Saving it for the silver screen? Let's hope so.
Source: Daily Mail


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