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Emily Ratajkowski managed to keep her bikini on, for a while

11.22.2016by: Droz

I find Emily Ratajkowski's attempts at modesty kind of amusing. As if half the planet hasn't already seen her boobs or at least have the ability to look at her boobs any time they want. Even if she was the more modest type, the fact that she returns to the same beach where her last topless candids went global, only to go topless again, says all you need to know about where she's at on the subject of modesty. I suppose some notion of common decency compels her to at least pretend the idea of getting photographed in the nude is a problem. In a perfect world, Emily would go naked pretty much all the time. Imagine that, the big gala event and there's Emily just bare ass nekkid with maybe a hat on or something, strutting her perfect ass and tits around without a shred of shame. Go down to Mexico and you can sort of live in that world. Or just save some time and look at the pics.

Source: NSFW


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