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Emily Ratajkowski looks hot in too many clothes

03.15.2016by: Droz

One thing I like about Emily Ratajkowski when she does one of these fashion spreads, is how nicely they manage to capture her beauty. That probably sounds disingenuous of me to say. After all, who looks at her face in spreads like these? Still, my only peeve with Emily is how her features sometimes don't come across well from certain angles. I don't mean to be a dick about that. Having a good and a bad side is far from being a deal breaker when you consider all the other great things happening on Emily. I do appreciate her more when she's placed into the hands of someone who understands how best to position her face for maximum effect. It's just too bad they didn't position the rest of her for a similar maximum effect. I mean making her look nice is fine, but the less is more approach is how any Emily Ratajkowski spread needs to go. You need to work on that for next time, folks.

Source: NSFW


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