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Emily Ratajkowski looks hot, even while posing for Be Cool

11.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's a prevailing sentiment going around the web in regards to Emily Ratajkowski and what makes for a better photo gawking experience: professional grade imagery or social media selfies? Many are of the mind that her social media photos are likely to be more risqué than her photo shoots of late. But her recent collaboration with BeCool magazine serves as a reminder to those who wish to see Emily focus solely on keeping her social media accounts stocked with tit pics: fleshy, professional shoots should never be off the table. Even though it's true, her last few appearances in popular periodicals didn't call for much exposure, that doesn't mean Ms. Ratajkowski has any intention of keeping "dem boobs" covered in perpetuity. It merely took a magazine that focuses on being cool to heat things back up. Now all we need is a magazine called 'Taking it Slow' to help pick up the pace.

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Source: NS4W


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