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Emily Ratajkowski is the Number One Entourage Babe

With HBO’s ENTOURAGE movie opening today, the film’s many lovely ladies have been coming out in droves to help launch the bro ‘event’ film of the summer. The stunning Emily Ratajkowski hit the red carpet for the movie’s premiere in a partially see through lacy little number that makes it easy to see why she’s Vince’s #1.

Just how hot is Emily? She’s so hot, 99.9% of men and women wouldn’t have blamed Affleck for sleeping with her in GONE GIRL. She’s so hot, not only does she play the object of everyone’s desires in ENTOURAGE, but she’s playing herself, confidently strutting her stuff knowing she’s the shit. She’s so hot, her hotness is a goddamn plot point in the ENTOURAGE movie – see it for yourself and you won’t blame the writer/director for hinging the movie’s climax on an admission that a character is head over heels for her. That’s lazy storytelling, but it’s also completely truthful. 

Source: Superior Pics


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