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Emily Ratajkowski honors the men of the NFL with her hotness

02.06.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I know a lot of people who think that Emily Ratajkowski has an alien look to her, with those huge eyes and overly full mouth (that is all natural and not one of those even creepier filler-injected pusses that some of these women have *cough*Kylie*cough*) and I can sort of see where they're coming from. However, most of the time I'm drawn into EmRat's web, inexplicably so, especially when she holds the same pose on a red carpet for thousands of nearly identical images. I'm beginning to wonder if she ever breathes. I would venture to say that she comes off more like a fleshier mannequin than an alien because the slight off-kilter perfection is definitely there. Her otherworldly curves are certain questionable, as even in some more conservative (for her) clothing at the NFL Honors and "Leather & Laces" Superbowl Party, she's still the most stacked deck in the house. The L&L outfit has a see-through quality to it with the embroidery and mesh but is frustrating far less see-through than some of her every day out-and-about outfits, with little holes looking like punctuation on what should be her protruding nipples... dammit. Who made her wear something under that?
Source: Daily Mail


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