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Emily Ratajkowski & her royal cleavage model for Princess Lingerie

06.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She's said that she has no plans to continue going naked for roles but when you've got the body for lingerie, you certainly don't turn down the paycheck. Emily Ratajkowski looks as tremendous in the frilly undergarments from Princess Lingerie as she does in every other shoot she does like this. While I might not be able to vouch for her fledgling acting career (she was appropriate in GONE GIRL and ENTOURAGE but even though I might be a fan of the Efron, that WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS movie looked dull as a cosplay sword), I can certainly agree that this lady was designed to show off her assets. The hip to waist ratio on Emily is insane, proving that while there are some women who pay to look like Barbie, others are blessed (cursed?) with it genetically. 
Source: Saw First


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