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Emily Ratajkowski has mastered the art of red carpet exposure

08.21.2015by: No Cool Handle

I have my issues with extremely hot women like Emily Ratajkowski, who are able to attain celebrity status solely based on sex appeal. I'm of the mind not looks, but talent, should be the key to warranting as much attention as she easily gets. So far I haven't seen anything to suggest such abilities however, when she shows up on the red carpet for the premiere of We Are Your Friends - looking so unbelievably tasty - I curb all idealism, and thank whatever for giving the world the gift that is she. These are the kind of images that - when you see them - warrant a high decibel; holy shit. The strategic design of this dress is nothing short of genius. It reveals so much yet somehow doesn't elicit any need to scrutinize its tastefulness. I'm just going to quit rambling on because the photos speak volumes. I'll just close out by giving Ms. Ratajkowski a very well deserved thank you.

Source: Got Celeb


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