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Emily Ratajkowski has a gift for showing the goods

05.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

Leave it to a sexy, slinky supermodel like Emily Ratajkowski to reliably strike that perfect balance of elegant, and kind of slutty, whenever the next major fashion event calls for it – or if it's just a Tuesday. She opted out of making her bodacious set a Ta Ta's the evening's focal point in favor of a bare leg and back show that's sure to get anyone's pulse racing, even at an event filled with guys who have no interest in the fairer sex; except when it comes to dressing them up, of course. Emily is a master at strategically placing fabric in a way that shows as much of her flawless flesh as possible without seeming gratuitous and her latest showing is no exception. Her genetic build is beyond reproach – it's more effective when given a thorough, visual examination.

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