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Emily Ratajkowski goes nude again

02.11.2016by: Droz

Well, she did go nude at this amfAR thing. Sort of. Nude colored is a kind of nude. Ok, yeah, I baited and switched you. Deal with it. It's Emily Ratajkowski, who guarantees a certain minimal degree of eye candy no matter what she's wearing or not wearing. Her hotness functions as something more than just the sum of her parts, which are impressive. Emily has that air about her implying without a word that she could and probably would go sufficiently insane in the sack to give you rug burn on your unit. That sexual intensity just of wafts off her like a visual pheromone. As good as her body is, it's my belief she wouldn't be nearly as popular if she didn't have such a potent aura of bangability surrounding her at all times. It also helps that she spreads the sexy moments all over the interwebs like butter. Here's a couple examples of EmRat's sexy spread to compensate for my earlier deception.

Emily Ratajkowski bikini butt, side view

Source: NSFW


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