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Emily Ratajkowski goes braless & embraces her inner Bob Ross for new shoot

08.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
American Eagle must not sell bras with those expensive pants that Emily Ratajkowski is modeling for them in this sunny photoshoot taken in Malibu on Tuesday. Not that I think anyone is going to start an online campaign for them to start, especially when we're talking about EmRat's picture perfect mammaries. It was kind of adorable to check out Emily as she did that non-toothy smile of hers, pretending she had anything to do with the paint that got on that canvas. I'd love to believe that she's a happy little model painting happy little clouds ala Bob Ross, the muthaf@ckin' boss, but alas, if there's no paint on the jeans, no paint on the fingers and no paint in the hair, well, that's just a whole lot of fake happiness right there. Unless you're the one looking at her amazing body because yeah, I'm sure a whole lot of you could find all the happiness in the world being wrapped up in that.
Source: Daily Mail


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