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Emily Ratajkowski gets her ass back to the beach

03.21.2017by: Droz

All 3 of the ladies we got for you this afternoon are bringing the booty in one way or another. The 3rd and final hottie is Emily Ratajkowski, who once again showed up on a beach, showing off her bangable body. And once again, we have to deal with paps thinking they can take a photo from miles away with the shitty lens they got with their mid-range Nikons. I wish somebody would tap these dumbasses on the shoulder and let them know what's required of any pap that wants to snap pics of hotties recreating on beaches in thongs. Fortunately there's enough fidelity in these pics to be able to understand why Emily is the best. Although I know there are still some of you who don't care about what Emily does unless something like this NSFW thing happens. I get it. Emily is best taken in without any clothing interference. But EmRat in a thong will do in a pinch.

Emily Ratajkowski Thong Vacay

Source: NSFW


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