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Emily Ratajkowski dressed accordingly for the Leather & Laces mega party

02.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

Ever heard of the 13th Annual 'Leather & Laces' mega party that takes place in San Francisco? Me niether, but it's something important enough to persuade the lusty (and always chesty) Emily Ratajkowski to slip into a leather mini dress. It's worth drawing attention to the absence of bra straps; the barren bit of flesh above the borders of tit town, and the pull down zipper in the front. Making it safe to assume the dress is most likely the only thing she's wearing. Added to that, it can be quickly removed; the kind of attire that allows you to go from zero to penetration in five seconds flat. It's been awhile since the buxom brunette has given us a look-see at her in demand bits. There's still a high demand for nude Ratajkowski pics, right? As long as she stays lookin this tasty, and dressing in ease of access attire, I don't foresee a shortage of enthusiasm for a pair of esteemed tits like hers. Lets just hope she doesn't consider herself above such things any more - the Olga Kurylenko syndrome. That's when a nude model lands a few acting gigs and thinks that will save them from falling back into explotation.

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