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Emily Ratajkowski does some lingerie clad dog walking in 41 degree weather

01.23.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Emily Ratajkowski is a f*cking pro. For a new photoshoot with DKNY, the curvaceous brunette went against every fiber of her California girl upbringing and braved 41 degree weather in New York for a photoshoot in a lacy set of underwear, walking a dog and looking like a goddess. I think this might have been the only time you'd see a model whose belly button got more nipply than her tits did in the chilly air, but Emily has always had a tough side to her, so I'm sure those frequently bared breasts were holding up just fine underneath the thin lace. The people around on the shoot seemed tickled, giggling in the background, which makes me wonder if average joes were checking in or if these were less-than-professional assistants looking on while wearing their thick coats. Punkasses, either way. EmRat worked it like a boss in those undies before slipping into her own downy coat, smiling at the paps who were getting their shots for free. As much as some might argue that she's being used by the system, I'd say she's just as much working the system, if not more. Bitch is a badass.
Source: Maxim


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