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Emily Ratajkowski continues to do her best work on social media

09.02.2016by: Droz

I mentioned once before in an Emily Ratajkowski post about how much of what she gets up to nowadays is kinda on the tame side, compared to her previous exploits anyway. It's likely those looking to work their way up into more substantial modelling work probably have to deal with sedate spreads for clothes not designed to be alluring. This is a problem for us, but also a problem for Emily, who seems to thrive on spreading images of her fine ass across the web and everywhere else. Thankfully for us all, there's social media to come to our rescue. EmRat has made particularly fine use of her options there this summer, disseminating all sorts of sexy summer vacation pics of her in very little for our consumption. Sure, these pics are great, but they do make me miss the days of seemingly non-stop Emily sexiness coming down the pike. I understand she's eager for advancement in her field, but I'm not sure losing all that is worth it for the rest of us.

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