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Emily Osment's abs are so tight, even she can't help checking them out

06.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Because some of you claimed that her show, "Young & Hungry" was worth checking out, I did. Not exactly something I want to go out of my way for but it's evident that Emily Osment is a darling with some serious comedic timing. All of those years as a Hannah Montana sidekick have paid off to a degree. I'm still waiting for some sleazy, dirty, hooker type role for Osment to tackle, something that will show off her talent as well as her underrated little hottie body. In the June issue of NKD magazine (what a mockery of the word naked!), Emily shows off her tight abs and cutie-pie demeanor, giving girls something other than Photoshopped perfection, all glossy and yet blurred at the same time. I think that's what's most appealing about this shoot - there's some grit and reality to it instead of bubble gum candy coating like Cosmo or Glamour, or stuffiness and pretentious fashion like Vanity Fair. I suppose I can forgive them for the false advertising. 
Source: CelebMafia


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