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Emily Kinney is more indelicate than you might imagine

05.24.2016by: No Cool Handle

You know Emily Kinney, she played Beth on The Walking Dead; another main character killed off after the writers couldn't figure out anything interesting to do with her. Besides, we all know it's Rick's show, everyone else would be wise to remember that and watch their ass. Or perhaps you're a fan of The Flash and became acquainted through her portrayal of the lamest super villain to ever grace the screen, big or small: Bug-Eyed Bandit. I always confused her with the girl that played Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, but that besides the point. We're here to bear witness to an attempt at tantalizing in the new Imagista spread, and I must say, it's a noble effort. While being dressed in lacy garb and bunny ears is a good way to get noticed, I fear her career tangent into exploitation will end in the same fashion as her Walking Dead persona. That shouldn't deter her, though; there's plenty of room in cyberspace for everyone. But if she thought surviving the zombie apocalypse was tough, wait till she tries to outlast every ambitious hottie fighting to survive in this game.

Source: Imagista


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