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Emily Didonato's weird shoot for Vogue Ukraine is still kinda hot

05.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Dear people behind Vogue Ukraine: You are not helping the matter of the rest of the world believing your women thrive off of bad teeth and ungroomed eyebrows when you take the traditionally beautiful Emily Didonato and turn her into Fran from DODGEBALL. I mean, come on:



That's what I'm seeing when I look through this photoshoot, with Didonato's eyebrows tweaked all crazy and the gymnast vibe of the whole thing. Then again, there's something oddly sexy about this too, as if we know that she could take us in a fight and still f*ck sideways while bouncing on a trampoline if she wanted to. DAMN YOU, VOGUE UKRAINE! This is messing with everyone's minds and now I just want to watch Missi Pyle in anything because she's the hottest underrated piece of tail to ever be the character actress go-to in every comedy I've ever loved.


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