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Emily Didonato uncovered on the pages of Cover Girl

01.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

Pictures of Emily DiDonato are far to infrequent - this is the first post-worthy set I've come across in awhile. Down girls like this need more exposure, and I'm not talking about the kind social media allows for. If you've seen her classic nude spread for Lui Magazine, you know what I'm speaking of. I've had a huge crush on her since she disrobed for that memorable bit of exploitation and I'm pleased to say: She's at it again; this time for Cover Girl. This may not be the same skin show as before, however, she's stripped all the way down to her unmentionables, creating some truly heart-stopping images. This is another one of those instances where words can't evoke the same kind of response you'll feel simply by gazing upon this stunning specimen. I'd just like to acknowledge what an amazing pair of blue eyes she has. You know they're something special when your focus first goes to them and not the abundance of flesh on display.

Source: met-art-faces


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