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Emily Didonato is yummy for Yamamay's Xmas lingerie shoot

12.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know what it is about these pics of Emily Didonato, the leggy model who looks like a cross between Alexandra Daddario and Adriana Lima, but she's got a severe case of human blow-up doll going on here. The shoot is for Yamamay Lingerie and while I understand that in order to sell overpriced bras and panties, you have to have a gorgeous woman posing in those bras and panties, I fail to understand how appealing to the male sensibility of turning a woman into a inanimate object is going to rack up sales with the very demographic who is supposed to be wearing those bras and panties. Women don't want to see another woman looking like a sex object for a dude (there are a few who love sexy lingerie clad women but even lesbians find this posturing trite) when they're considering what they want to wear to feel sexy around a man. I know this because I'm... dun dun dun... a woman who buys bras and panties. I'd much rather check out Sophie Simmons' big butt & equally big smile than this. And Adore Me, the brand Sophie models for? They've got some great shit, for low, low prices. Just saying...
Source: Egotastic


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