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Emily Blunt stuns on Cannes red carpet, kicks ass knocking their sexism

05.20.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I have a fairly big girl crush on Emily Blunt. She's gorgeous but still quirky looking, funny and self-mocking (her take on that lip synch show was far better than Anne Hathaway, sorry) and her talent and choice for picking a variety of roles makes her constantly interesting. In the face of so much what-is-and-isn't-sexiest talk that has been growing louder out of Hollywood, it's great to hear Blunt talk about how disappointed she is with the powers at Cannes having a ban on flat shoes for women appearing on their red carpet. "Everyone should wear flats to be honest. We shouldn't be wearing high heels anyways. That's my point of view. I just prefer wearing Converse sneakers. That's very disappointing." Without getting militant, she gets the point across.

As for her role in SICARIO, the crime mystery co-starring Josh Brolin, which features Emily as a tough FBI agent tracking down drug cartel bosses, screenwriter Taylor Sheridan wrote the role with Blunt in mind. Despite heavy pressure from studio execs to change the character to a male, Sheridan and director Denis Villeneuve refused to cave to the pressure, striking a small win not only for Blunt but for actresses looking to be anything other than the mom, the love interest or the best friend to the love interest. That doesn't mean that Blunt had much, if any, like-gendered companions on set, where the cast also included Benicio del Toro but she took it in stride. "It's something that I've become quite used to in films. There aren't a ton of chicks around." 

Source: Daily MailLA Times


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