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Emily Blunt is too pretty to be the Girl on the Train

02.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Now that she's announced her second pregnancy, I'm starting to understand why the people behind the adaptation of Paula Hawkins' best seller, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, thought they could get away with casting Emily Blunt, one of the loveliest and chicest stars in Hollywood as the frumpy, overweight Rachel. I've read the book, it's not as sharp and lacks the wicked finesse of GONE GIRL but it's a totally understandable top selling beach read. A woman in the throes of depression & poor self-esteem finds herself drinking too much, gaining too much weight and obsessing about her ex-husband, who has married his mistress and fathered a kid with her. The problem is that Blunt really is too sophisticated to be a frump and I'm tiring of Hollywood wanting to "ugly" up actresses so they can give them a chance to win awards. Blunt could just as easily do that while being the natural beauty she is. But chances are just as many people who haven't read the book will go and love the movie, thus allowing the cash grab merry-go-round to keep on turning. Rebecca Ferguson, best remembered from last summer's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL, will join Emily in the cast (and I have no complaints about that casting decision since she embodies Anna... ah, hell, read the book and you'll understand).
Source: Daily Mail


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