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Emily Blunt is our Hottie of the Month for October 2016 (video)

10.24.2016by: Salacious Crumb

We've been a fan of Emily Blunt around these parts since long before she delivered the world's hottest push-up in EDGE OF TOMORROW. Despite the mixed feedback on her latest flick THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, there's no excuse too blunt to share our love for this hottie. Like many talented actresses before her, Emily started her career as a small fish in a big pond, but has ultimately become one of the biggest. It's strange to think that the same woman who so accurately portrayed a stuck-up personal assistant in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA is now, 10 years later, our new Mary Poppins. She's quite an accomplished woman, which is why we've declared Emily Blunt as our Hottie of the Month for October 2016! And as per usual, we've thrown in an accompanying video just to prove how worthy of the title she is. Thank you, Emily!


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