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Emily Bett Rickards looking lovely on the pages of NKD Magazine

09.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

Emily Bett Rickards can't begin oversaturated the Internet with her sexiness soon enough. Too much time goes by in between the release of anything resembling provocative media featuring the CW starlet. A shit-ton of exposure is just what the doctor ordered; don't you think? Not only will it please her ardent fans, but it should help ensure her career lasts beyond that of Arrow. I don't doubt [that] the popular show probably has another five season's left, however, just in case season six is as equally shitty as season five – or worse – giving some thought to the future wouldn't be a bad idea. If the show runners continue this regression, you may see loyal fan boys jump ship. Even more passionate than comic book fans are those who spend time drooling over photo shoots like this one for NKD magazine. Long after Arrow ends, we'll still be scouring the Web for hot Emily Bett Rickards content; even revisiting some of her hottest hits.

Source: NKD Magazine


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