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Emily Bett Rickards is back on the beach in a skimpy two piece

01.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

Most of team Arrow representing female demographic spent the holidays splashing around in the warm coastal waters of Miami Beach. What am I saying? It's not just members of team Arrow, it seems like it's almost every female celebrity that looks halfway decent in a bikini. A shot that is not included among the photos is one taken by the bikini clad subject herself, Emily Bett Rickards. It shows a group of photographers – around 13 of them – all standing on the beach waiting for their opportune moment. The reason I bring it up is because, all of those photographers and we only get a couple of obscure ass shots. If they are so unabashed that they can all stand there with their cameras waiting to get their intrusive photos, and get paid; can't they make the slightest effort to get the backside also? I know I've said this before it's just I don't understand it. Any who, we still get some nice shots of Emily and Katie Cassidy looking sexy as hell in skimpy bikinis – that's good enough for a gander.

Source: NSFWPop Sugar


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