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Emilie de Ravin premiered her new mommy boobs at Comic-Con

07.25.2016by: Droz

Seems like we've got new moms running around all over the place in celebrity circles right now. Case in point, Emilie de Ravin, who was on the Once Upon A Time press line at SDCC. Usually being on such a line is all about celebs answering questions about their shows or movies or whatever. In Emilie's case, it seems she was letting her new mommy boobs do the talking for her. I can understand why she was proud of her bonuses there. If I were the father of her child, I'd probably be even more proud. This reminds me of when Emilie was on Lost and spent 3 or 4 seasons as perpetually pregnant Claire, always having to be saved from imminent doom from some weird ass thing. We never did get to see Claire's resulting mommy boobs when she finally did give birth to her supposed miracle baby (which turned out to be anything but). Fortunately SDCC has rectified this. Now if only they could go back and make the rest of Lost not a total disappointment.

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