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Emilia Schuele had the sweetest Cannes face of all

05.12.2016by: Droz

If you live outside of Germany you may not have heard of Emilia Schuele, seen here joining just about every other person at Cannes to see Woody Allen's CAFE SOCIETY movie. I'm similarly unfamiliar with Emilia, due to the fact that she's currently enjoying more of a regional acting career in her native lands. Something tells me this wont last for long. Not with a kisser like hers. I saw these pics of her on the Cannes red carpet and fell immediately in love. Look at those doe eyes, my god. There's my weakness right there. She must have every man in her life firmly wrapped around her little finger at all times. She'd certainly have me there.

If Emilia at Cannes isn't enough to convince you she's the prettiest thing you'll see all day, then here are a few more choice selections from her interweb's greatest hits. Talk about love a first sight.

Source: GotCeleb


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