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Emilia Clarke's MTV movie awards game wasn't half bad either

04.11.2016by: Droz

Emilia Clarke was all over the place this weekend, going from GoT premieres, to half-assed movie awards and then probably back to her native England, most of the time showing off plunging cleavage. As much of it as she can muster anyway. One thing I always notice about the English folks who come across the pond for these sorts of events is how happy they are. They're always walking around with big ole smiles spread ear to ear. Sure, smiles are a normal thing with Emilia, but they seem to become even more pronounced when she's back in the colonies. Me, I think the English folks are just happy to be out of England. Not to rip on Old Blimey too bad, but things are somewhat depressing there as far as meteorological conditions go. Lots of clouds and rain most of the year, accompanied quite often by chilly temps. But once they land in sunny LA, suddenly the sun brings all the color back to their faces and they just bask in the subtropical bliss of 72° and perfectly clear all the time climate. Yeah, it's all fun in the sun on the red carpet. Try spending hours in rush hour traffic on the 405 in midsummer heat. You'll be begging to get back to your quaint English manor house ASAP.

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