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Emilia Clarke would really like you to see her new movie

05.24.2016by: Droz

I saw the trailer for Emilia Clarke's new movie ME BEFORE YOU, about a woman who becomes caretaker to a disabled man who she then falls in love with. Looks like nothing less than the most chick flick movie ever made. Even the trailer was just dripping with an excessive amount of sentiment and sap. Quite a far cry from Emilia's front page gig as Daenerys-Khaleesi-Mother of Dragons-Breaker of Chains-Targaryen on Game of Thrones, but probably more in line with her personality, which as you in these publicity tour pics you see below, is far more bubbly an goofy than her TV show character. Back in the day, I'm sure GoT was just an unbeatable opportunity. Years later, after getting to know Emilia like we have, the broad fissure between the actress and the part she plays has never felt more obvious, both in terms of personality and visual appeal. She's just knock out awesome in that blonde wig.

Emilia Clarke Got Season 6

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