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Emilia Clarke was all smiles and curves at the BAFTAs

02.16.2016by: Droz

What the hell is the deal with this new Game of Thrones teaser? Perhaps they're done screwing around and are just going to take out the whole damn cast, instead of one or two kills here and there per season. It wouldn't surprise me if they did so. They've gotta have something big planned for when this show wraps. But never mind the GoT speculation. Right now it's all about Emilia Clarke appreciation. There's so much to love about her. For one thing, she can't stop smiling. She's gotta be the happiest person I've ever seen. These aren't those fake smiles either. These are the kinds of smiles you typically see from someone thoroughly stoned who looks at the whole world like the funniest comedy they've ever seen. I don't think Emilia is stoned. She's probably just high on life. And why not? She's young, hot, with a hit show and legions of devoted fans. That's something to smile about.

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