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Emilia Clarke strays a bit too far into TMI territory

04.06.2016by: Droz

There's a mostly ho-hum quality to Emilia Clarke's new Glamour spread. She's letting out a little cleavage here and there. Not bad. I'll take it because I am such an Emilia fan, but it's not her most provocative spread ever. I wasn't much for her actual interview in Glamour though, which I suggest you skip. Unless you're interested in reading a description of Jason Momoa's unit, in which case do look that up. Nah, the more perplexing thing related to this spread is her little BTS clip, wherein she makes fun of her Game of Thrones alter ego:

Most of this I liked. It's Emilia just being goofy, which is how I like Emilia. There's the part where one of her boobs almost fell out. Don't think I didn't notice that. Some of it I was even intrigued by (was she kidding about the butt plug?). But then there are the obvious issues related to Emilia on the toilet. I'm one of those guys who lives in denial when it comes to female digestive systems, but she strikes me as a women who wouldn't let a guy be that way. She probably enjoys calling her men to the bathroom to check out the size of the turd she just laid. That would make her like my college roommate merged with one of the most desirable women on the planet. That is a troublesome combo.

Source: Glamour


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