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Emilia Clarke prances her cuteness on the beach for Harper's Bazaar UK

06.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I can't blame the magazines for drowning in a deluge of Emilia Clarke. She's young, gorgeous, fun and talented... and she has that new movie, ME BEFORE YOU coming out this week. The same thing happened last year, with all of the summer issues of fashion mags going in for the thrill when Clarke was Sarah Connor in TERMINATOR: GENESYS. Some people really complained about her performance but I can't say that it was any worse than Hamilton's in the first TERMINATOR. Perhaps because we've gotten so many different versions, it's easiest to pick on the most recent. Whatever the case, at least you can't say that she's not kicking ass on "Game of Thrones" this year. Which I can't talk about because I haven't watched it but you know, spoilers and shit all over social media make it unavoidable. As for her new movie, I've already read the biggest spoiler alert (the book it's adapted from) and can already say with certainty... NO. 
Source: Daily Mail


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