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Emilia Clarke is a sexy devil in her blue G.o.T premiere dress

03.19.2013by: Droz

Ya'll getting excited for another season of Game of Thrones? If you're not, it probably sucks right now having HBO because they seem to show nothing but GoT previews and whatnot at every available spare moment. Their promo campaign onslaught is so blatant that I haven't watched much of that channel in the last few weeks, for fear of getting sick of the show before it even comes on. Of course it's highly unlikely I could get tired of it, what with hotties like Emilia Clarke running around amidst dragons and zombies and cool dwarves beating the shit out of snotty, asshole kids. From those mild promo spoilers I have seen, it looks like we're going to get plenty more of those things in season 3. What concerns me is how fast the show is progressing compared to the books.

Right now we have 5 completed books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, with a 6th and 7th in the works. Supposedly book 7 will be the closer, but there has been some speculation about an 8th book. The show is roughly up to book 3 as far as the narrative goes, with this new season delving into events in book 4. So there's really only one more book to draw from for season 4, which means we might have a situation. They may have to squeeze in a few more seasons to accommodate George R.R. Martin's writing schedule. Or they could go on hiatus for awhile until the saga is completed. Or they may wrap up the series before the books are completed. None of those prospects sounds very good to me, so hopefully the folks behind the scene have thought this out. Otherwise, we could be looking at a bunch of pissed off GoT fans in the near future.


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