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Emilia Clarke gets up close & sexy with Violet Grey

06.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Her movie, ME BEFORE YOU did respectable business at the box office this past weekend in a smart counter-programming move to give moms something to watch while dads took the kids to the latest CGI mutated ninja teenage reptiles movie. Emilia Clarke reportedly loved her role so much, it inspired her to get a bumblebee tattoo on her pinkie finger.



You get a minor glimpse of that inked adornment in the photoshoot the actress did with Violet Grey, the online periodical devoted to fashion and lifestyle, um, options? Basically, it's like Glamour but without 258 pages of advertisements to its 12 pages of actual content. I don't know what they did to that little bee for the shoot, though, since it looks like an ink smudge blurred into the lines of her hand rather than the actual insect its supposed to be. More curious - why did Clarke not get a dragon or dragon scales or dragon wings or something, anything dragon related, seeing as how she's more well known for being the mother of them? 

Source: InStyle


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