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Emilia Clarke gets truly bizarre for Harper's Bazaar, but still looks hot

05.12.2015by: Droz

Don't ask me what the hell is going on with Emilia Clarke's Harper's Bazaar spread this month. I have no idea. I assume they're making some vague references to her various shows and movies. I see a little of Daenerys in there. Not sure what the horse taming or the douche swashbuckling is about. Is it not enough to just give us some close up shots of Emilia's cute face and maybe a few full body spreads with her wearing something provocative? I guess so. Speaking of Daenerys, I can't say that I'm feeling too good about Emilia's GoT alter ego and her behavior this season. The Mother of Dragons is all over the place with her decision-making. Seems like she needs to get her shit together, lest she lose her empire before it's finished getting built.

Speaking of lacks in confidence, I'm quickly losing hope of finally getting a decent TERMINATOR movie. I knew as soon as they announced the stupid title for this new one that there was trouble in Denmark. I don't know, it's early yet and it could be that the repeated burns we've received from this franchise over the years have me overreacting. They are making a lot of dumb moves with this thing. I don't get good vibes. I was never one of those purists who barked and moaned when they decided to take the franchise past T2. I've always thought there were more stories to tell in that universe. However, it seems they simply cannot find anyone good enough to tell those stories, other than Cameron. And you know there's no way he's coming back to this. Which makes me think maybe they should have stopped with T2. I guess we'll just have to wait until July and see.

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