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Emilia Clarke does some sexy wardrobe changes for her new photoshoot

02.05.2016by: Droz

Looks like waiting for a photoshoot to hit the news stands just takes too damn long. Much easier just to get yourself a zoom lens and take your own shots of hotties doing their photoshooting thing. Such was the case for Emilia Clarke on a beach in Malibu for her as yet unreleased pics in whatever magazine she's modelling for. These photoshoots of photoshoots are interesting. You see some different angles you probably wont see in the final product. They're also an enlightening insight into how they get these things done. Where else can you hike up Emilia's skirt and just walk around behind her without getting a cop called on you? Sacrificing one's modesty just comes with the territory here, but the net effect is adorable Emilia looking hot. She's a tiny little thing, but I think that's a big part of why I enjoy her so much. Good things in small packages, right?

Source: NSFW


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