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Emilia Clarke Day 2: British GQ Woman of the Year

09.10.2015by: No Cool Handle

Yesterday I wrote a little something about Emilia Clarke's attendance to GQ's men of the year ceremony. Today, it's all about her new prestigious title of British GQ's women of the year. I could write little opinions about her looks, her demeanor or even specifically this pictorial, but there probably wouldn't be a huge difference compared to things I've already said about her. I want to zero in on one specific proclamation made by the writers at GQ: "It's no shock she landed the role of Sarah Connor, the godmother of fierce leading ladies everywhere." Now, I haven't read the full article however -- is there anything to back that up? I was completely shocked the first time I saw her yell "now soldier" to (an also miscast) Jai Courtney. The second I recovered from my sudden spasm into a fetal position, I spent the next 45 minutes of sitting through movie trailers thinking about how off that felt. Not only because of the realization that they were going to seriously f*#k with the original Terminators storyline -- a movie very dear to me, but also because of how wrong she immediately felt.

Is this really one of the reasons GQ bestowed upon her this honor? That's a limp reason at best; making it feel like they're seriously reaching. Just say the only thing worth mentioning on her resume: Game of Thrones. Don't use a role most people would like to forget as padding just because it carries an iconic character's prestige. In hindsight, Charlize Theron would have been a much better choice. Sure there's not much of a resemblance looks wise, but if Mad Max showed us anything, it's that she can bring the fire needed to do that character justice. And Dan Stevens -- without a doubt -- should've played Kyle Reese.


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