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Emilia Clarke conquers Naples with the power of her curves in a tight dress

03.13.2017by: Droz

So I imagine HBO has to be feeling a little nervous right now. For the last 6 years they've enjoyed a huge boost in their importance to pop culture around this time of year, as a new season of Game of Thrones nears and everyone gets pumped by trailers and a general sense of excitement about what lies in store for all our favorite characters. That's not happening this year. Not until July anyway. That's gonna be well over a year without a single shred of any new GoT content. I predict a massive marketing barrage aimed at a wide area to get all those short attention spans looking their way again after such a long hiatus. Could be that barrage has already started in the form of Emilia Clarke doing this photo shoot in the middle of a crowded market in Naples, with her curvy bod squeezed into as tight a dress as they could find. This certainly gets me all aflutter over my Khaleesi once again. But then Emilia always provides something worth watching.

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