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Emilia Clarke can pull all kinds of sexy from her hat

03.25.2015by: Droz

Always such a joy when we get a chance to post something of Emilia Clarke. The Game of Thrones and TERMINATOR GENISYS star has an interview and a nice little photo spread with The Hollywood Reporter this month, talking her two new projects and her rapid rise to fame. She is such a bright ray of sunshine in a cold, cruel world. That smile always makes my day a little better. Too bad we never get to see it on GoT. Daenerys really is a totally different creature than Emilia. So apparently is her Sarah Connor in this TERMINATOR reboot, wherein they've apparently decided to abandon all notion of a once young and carefree Sarah and instead made her a hard ass from birth. Clearly the folks making these things have faith in Emilia's range. I don't think I've ever seen her in anything that allowed her to be more like the sweetheart she is by nature. I do love me some Mother of Dragons and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll make a good Sarah Connor. Still, someone throw her a romantic comedy bone. I just want to see her be sweet and adorable on screen the way she is in these pics and the interview clip below.


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