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Emilia Clarke attempts to make the crippled swim with the power of her boobs

06.10.2015by: Droz

Emilia Clarke is on set in Spain filming her new movie ME BEFORE YOU, wherein her character looks after and ultimately falls for a disabled guy, who no doubt returns her affections. What's not to love about her squat little sexiness? What did you think of Khaleesi's GoT dragon ride last week? Pretty bad ass. Not as bad ass that zombie army from the week before, but still pretty cool. It's hard to one up the risen dead under the command of frozen ice men or whatever the hell those creepy ass things are.

Sadly we're going into that terribly long GoT hiatus season after this Sunday. It's gonna suck, having to go without my fix of platinum blonde Emila for another 10 months. I suppose getting some more of her in TERMINATOR: GENISYS should soothe that loss somewhat. Did it make you feel any better about to see James Cameron give it his kind of blessing? I guess he enjoyed it, though I'm not sure if that's sufficient to restore my faith. You know he gets a piece of whatever this movie makes. I'm sure he's plenty invested in getting a nice residual check out of it. After all, there are a few squids and crabs at the bottom of the ocean he has yet to discover. Might also be nice to have some spare change lying around, just in case those 40 more AVATAR movies he's got in works need any extra funds. I don't know. I'm still skeptical, but despite that I'm positive Emilia is going to be real nice to look at regardless of how much of a letdown the rest of it turns out to be.

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