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Elyse Knowles is further proof they build women hotter Down Under

05.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor
What the hell, Australia? Whatever it is that you're putting in the water over there, bottle that shit up and send it to the States. Margot Robbie is one beam of blindingly gorgeous light for us to squint at and now there's 23-year old bikini and fitness model Elyse Knowles to drool over. Knowles is a veteran at modeling, having started as a child model when she was 10. Now she's moved on to her own fashion label and being some kind of expensive wrist watch ambassador for Rolex but wow. These shots of her taken by photographer Emily Aday are proof that this young lady needs a call from Victoria's Secret and/or Sports Illustrated in the very near future. There's a touch of that Kathy Ireland sweetness to her face that is intoxicating and a tone to her frame that'll give you dirty surfer girl thoughts. The only imperfection here is actually kinda adorable - check out that mole on her tummy and imagine working on your target practice.


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