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Elsa Pataky is the perfecto hottie in Elle Spain

05.10.2017by: Droz

It's not often we have something to post featuring Elsa Pataky. That's a shame, because she is so very good at being a hottie. Just check her out in Elle Spain here. There were so many good pictures of her, they had to make another edition just to squeeze a few more in there. You can understand why Thor is with her. That guy could probably get any woman he wanted on the planet. I don't know of any hetero female in my life who doesn't swoon with the vapors like a 19th century southern belle whenever he takes off his shirt. I get a similar feeling when Elsa gets down to it like she is here. Too bad we don't get to see this side of her in the FAST & FURIOUS movies. Put her next to Nathalie Emmanuel in a pair of super hot bikinis and you got yourself a ball game. Or rather, a boob game.

Source: Elle


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