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Elsa Hosk will make a nice Christmas present for somebody

12.23.2016by: Droz

It looks like Elsa Hosk is gonna be the new ambassador of sexy between myself and the whole pantheon of Victoria's Secret angels now. I used to be all about Candice Swanepoel, but she seems to have shifted her priorities elsewhere since getting knocked up. Damn kids. They always do that. Fortunately Elsa is still very much in the business of getting herself nekkid for our viewing pleasure as often as she can. This is good, because she's just about as good at that as Candice ever was - maybe better. She brings the whole sexy Swedish thing, along with the adorable freckles and a body pretty much identical to Candice's in most respects. Plus, she does stuff like the following with frequency, which has always been a fine way of winning my loyalty:

Elsa Hosk Lui Outtake 2016 Elsa Hosk Lui Outtake 2016


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