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Elsa Hosk has a contempt for clothes in her Lui spread

12.07.2016by: Droz

You may or may not know of France's Lui Magazine. They're a fond holdover from days past, when skin mags featuring nude models in provocative yet artsy poses were abundant. Lui has always been one of the better resources for such content, thanks to the seemingly inexhaustible supply of extremely well put together European hotties they've been able to choose from over the years, all of whom are just begging to get their bare asses in print via this magazine. The latest round of Euro hotties making themselves scarcely clothed for Lui is something of a score. We know Elsa Hosk as an up and coming model, a Victoria's Secret Angel, and potentially one of the hottest things to ever come out of chilly Sweden. Girl is about as well built as they come and often vehemently opposed to being clothed. That makes her right at home in the pages of Lui. It's always a less is more situation with Elsa.

Source: Lui


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