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Elsa Hosk looks her usual fantastic in Vicky's July crop of hot underwear

08.04.2016by: Droz

My rare Swedish obsession, Elsa Hosk, continues to look sensational in Victoria's Secret attire. I say rare with her Swedish ancestry because, as we know, the frequency of the blondes in their lands tends to be a little too excessive for my tastes. They do make some beautiful women though - beautiful enough to sometimes make me forget all about my blonde issues. Elsa is the perfect example. I couldn't care less what color hair she has.

Actually, there's an interesting additional reason to admire Elsa I just realized after compiling a bunch of images of her from the last few years for our Hottie Galleries. If you look at her pics from the start of her modelling career around 2011, she's got that slender model body thing happening. Fast forward to 2016 and you can see she's rounded out quite a bit. This is characteristic of many a model in the present day realistic body emphasis. I should probably say "more realistic." Even with a few extra pounds, there still aren't many women out there who look as good as Elsa.

I even like her above average tongue game.


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