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Elsa Hosk looks amazing for Victoria, even better for Instagram

05.12.2017by: Droz

It's funny how many of us still look forward to the new monthly VS offerings without a single care in the world for the fashions, but rather for who is wearing them. Right now in their pantheon of models my go to hottie is Elsa Hosk. She's quickly risen to the top of a considerably sexy heap with her intoxicating proportions. I'm sure it's great bank for Elsa, but unfortunately it's also not an effective way for her to satisfy her apparently deep urges to strip naked. Instagram doesn't let her do that either, but it's a little more effective in letting Elsa be Elsa. If nothing else, her social media outlets give us a broader perspective on this gorgeous woman. You never see a VS spread that makes such a good showing of her beautifully blue eyes. Girl obviously feels they need more attention and I couldn't agree more. Instagram has also demonstrated her impressive dancing skills. She truly has it all.


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