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Elsa Hosk is the best belated Christmas gift you could ask for

12.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

No one can say Elsa Hosk has spent the last few weeks f**kin' around. First, an unbelievable nude spread in Lui Magazine and now this, what is arguably the best Love Advent video of 2016. For those of us who aren't interested in anything too gimmicky, and who think it's important not to distract from the featured hottie, many would agree, this video should be a template for Love Magazine. This the kind of shit I wish they would've done with Rita Ora, Alexis Ren and Barbara Palvin – just shot after shot of them looking hot. No musical numbers, no half-baked movie reenactments and, for sure as f**k, no dancing dinosaurs. Elsa's body is beyond awesome; something I don't think I fully appreciated up until these past couple of weeks. Needless to say, this hard-bodied blonde has made a true believer out of me.

Source: Love Magazine


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