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Elsa Hosk is helping keep Victoria's Secret catalogs spankable

03.18.2016by: Droz

I'm not sure what's going on with Victoria's Secret pics lately. They've had a long tradition of presenting world class hotties in the most provocative of ways, but lately they've not been as provocative as years past. I'd hate to think such a reliable source of barely dressed supermodels would succumb to the disturbing spread of diluted sexual displays. About the only one of the current crop of VS models still committed to making a spectacle of her naughty bits is Swedish sex goddess Elsa Hosk, seen here sporting some of VS's spring line. I'm split on Elsa and Candice as my favorite of the 2016 VS crew. They both have their strong points. For Elsa, it's all about those freckles and dat ass. Who would have thought a hottie from Sweden would pack that much booty into a thong? Good stuff.


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