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Elsa Hosk is far from frozen in a super hot photoshoot for GQ Mexico

02.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor
First she sexed it up in Maxim magazine and now Victoria's Secret hottie, Elsa Hosk is taking her freckled self to the pages of GQ Mexico in a pictorial that shows off those big eyes of hers... and those legs... and that sideboob. The whole thing is a great display of what some American men's magazines have been missing lately. Sure, it's an artsy shoot with a lot of muddled sunlight and too little nipple exposure but the overall effect is quite titillating. I also find it amusing that Elsa has an IMDB credit for something called "The Magic Gap" which boasts other models' names in the cast but doesn't specify if they were cuddling up to Penn & Teller or trying to sell that weird notion that a woman needs to have a gap between her thighs in order to be hot. She doesn't, FYI. You know you'd rather hump a mound of soft, welcoming goodness than get punctured by errant bones.  
Source: Egotastic


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