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Elsa Hosk topless in bikinis really gets our spring sprung

04.15.2016by: Droz

I guess I have to go ahead and pull the trigger on making Elsa Hosk my new favorite Victoria's Secret model. For the longest time it's been Candice Swanepoel who enjoyed that honor, but I have to admit that her recent catalog spreads just haven't been as inspiring as Elsa's. Not that I don't still love Candice. Victoria just rotates them in and out. Before Candice it was Adriana Lima. Before Adriana, it was someone else I can't even remember. So what makes Elsa my new favorite amidst so much worthy model hotness? A few things. The freckles, for one. I do love freckles, Elsa's in particular. Her hips are another fascination. I just love a set of wide hips like those. They seem to appeal to a deep down instinctual desire in men for a woman who can bear us many sons. Bearing sons are what hips like Elsa's were made for. Probably my favorite thing about Elsa is how at ease she is with the best part of her job, which is not modelling anything but her bare ass. She's not reluctant there in the slightest. In fact, she looks like she can't wait to peel off those designer clothes and go frolicking bare assed down a beach. There's a girl after my own heart.


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